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Ultrasound Technologist – Jobs and Salary Range

Job opportunities for ultrasound technologists are continually increasing due to a growing need for qualified diagnostic imaging professionals in hospitals and other types of medical treatment facilities. Med Travelers has a database of available ultrasound technician jobs and helpful employment services to connect you with temporary positions in a variety of locations. We also provide excellent benefits and competitive hourly salaries. By applying online with Med Travelers today you can discover ultrasound tech positions available throughout the country that are right for you.

  • Ultrasound Technician Job Description and Responsibilities

    Ultrasound technicians use sound (sonic) waves to capture images of the internal organs and tissues for the diagnosis and treatment of medical problems. This medical field is called sonography. Utilizing specialized ultrasound equipment, the sonographer takes readings of the appropriate areas and angles as requested by the physician, and sends them back for interpretation. Unlike other diagnostic imaging systems that function using radiation, ultrasound is completely safe for both the ultrasound technologist and the patient. Most ultrasound techs work in hospitals or diagnostic imaging centers, and are in good physical condition in order to maneuver patients during ultrasounds.

  • Ultrasound Technologist Education and Training

    Candidates for any certified ultrasound technician positions offered through Med Travelers must have completed an accredited education program. Additional consideration may be given to ultrasound technologists registered with the ARDMS. Individuals with a general radiology or healthcare background often acquire additional education to qualify for a career as a sonographer. Ultrasound technologists must keep their skills up to date to maintain valid certification.

  • Ultrasound Tech Salary Range, Benefits and Considerations

    In the current job market, an ultrasound technologist can earn an average salary between $53,000 and $58,000 per year. The median salary for an experienced ultra sound tech is a bit higher at $61,000 annually, and the top ten percent can earn in excess of $72,000 per year. Med Travelers offers temporary ultrasound technician jobs in locations throughout the country at a competitive hourly salary comparable to standard pay rates. In addition to a comfortable salary, Med Travelers provides employees with full-benefits, job-related travel reimbursement, free housing and more.

    Salary Considerations for Ultrasound Technicians

    • Location.
    • Level of Training/Education.
    • Experience.
    • Specializations/Certifications.

    When you apply for ultrasound tech jobs through Med Travelers, you can be assured that your unique qualifications and experience will be taken into consideration.

  • Apply for Ultrasound Technician Jobs with Med Travelers Today!

    Take advantage of Med Travelers’ extensive employment listings, and explore an exciting career in travel healthcare as an ultrasound technician (tech). We offer excellent ultrasound technologist jobs that provide competitive hourly salaries and the opportunity to gain a varied experience i n different medical facilities across the nation. Apply online with Med Travelers today and our recruiters will search for available positions that match your level of experience.

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