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Medical MRI Technologist – Job Description and Salary Range

The availability of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) job opportunities is growing faster than the number of qualified medical MRI technologists, and many hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers are looking for temporary MRI technicians to help meet their increasing needs. By  you will be matched with MRI tech positions you qualify for at locations throughout the country.

  • MRI Technician Job Description and Responsibilities

    Medical MRI technologists, also referred to as MRI technicians, utilize magnetic resonance imaging scanners to capture specific images ordered by a physician to aid in patient diagnosis. MRI techs must be able to closely follow a physician's instructions, prepare and operate MRI equipment, position patients correctly and effectively record the requested diagnostic images. Medical MRI technologist jobs are most often located in hospitals and diagnostic imaging centers and may require a moderate amount of physical activity working with the equipment and maneuvering patients.

  • Medical MRI Technologist Education and Training

    An MRI technician that is qualified for the positions offered through Med Travelers has completed either an associate's or bachelor's degree program related to the radiology field and is registered with the ARRT. Many medical MRI technologists gain their education first as a radiology technician and undergo additional training later on to become an MRI tech. Some MRI technicians may choose progress to a more advanced position as a nuclear medicine technologist.

  • MRI Tech Salary Range, Benefits and Considerations

    The average salary for a medical MRI technologist / technician ranges between $50,000 and $55,000, however with advanced training or experience, the average rises considerably. Currently, the median salary for an MRI tech is approximately $53,900, and that number is expected to rise steadily, due to the growing demand for qualified medical MRI technologists at facilities throughout the country. MRI techs working with Med Travelers as traveling medical professionals are paid at competitive hourly rates and enjoy full-benefits, bonus incentives, travel opportunities, free housing and partial expense compensation.

    Salary Considerations for MRI Technologists

    • Level of Training/Education
    • Location
    • Specializations/Certifications
    • Experience

    After you apply online with Med Travelers, our recruiters will gather information about your qualifications in the field and work diligently to match you with the right medical MRI technician positions for you.

  • Apply for MRI Technician Jobs with Med Travelers Today!

    Take advantage of Med Travelers' vast employment resources, and discover an exciting career in travel heath care as medical MRI technologist. We have temporary MRI technician job listings that offer competitive hourly salaries and the opportunity to gain experience in facilities across the country. We invite you to  and discover the many job possibilities that are within your reach.

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