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About Allied Healthcare Careers

Are you considering a career as an allied healthcare professional? The shortage of many mid-level specialties has opened numerous opportunities for individuals pursuing allied healthcare careers. Choose from a variety of fields in therapy like physical therapy, physical therapist assistant, occupational therapy, occupational therapist assistant, or speech language pathology or various imaging, respiratory, or laboratory jobs. If you desire flexibility and rewarding work, perhaps the travel healthcare lifestyle will suit you. We encourage you to learn more about the specific allied healthcare careers listed below.

Allied Healthcare Career Information

Physical Therapist Jobs

This profession works with injured or disabled patients to restore function, increase mobility, alleviate pain and counteract permanent disability. Learn more about working as a physical therapist including physical therapist salary information.

Physical Therapist Assistant Jobs

This allied healthcare career involves performing a variety of therapeutic procedures for patients, while under the supervision of a physical therapist. Read more about being a physical therapist assistant and physical therapist assistant salary information.

Occupational Therapist Jobs

This career helps people with disabilities develop the ability to perform tasks needed for daily living and work functions. Find out more about becoming an occupational therapist including occupational therapist salary information.

Certified Occupational Therapist Assistant Jobs (COTA jobs)

This occupation often requires certification and involves providing rehabilitative services for impaired patients, typically under the supervision of an occupational therapist. Learn more about COTA jobs and certified occupational therapist assistant salary information.

Respiratory Therapist Jobs

This profession treats patients with breathing or other cardiopulmonary disorders. Read more about becoming a respiratory therapist.

Speech-Language Pathologist Jobs

This allied healthcare career diagnoses, treats, and prevents disorders related to oral communication. Find out more about being a speech-language pathologist.

Radiation Therapist Jobs

Radiation Therapists use radiation to treat patients with cancerous tumors. Learn more about working as a radiation therapist.

Radiologic Technologist Jobs

This profession works with medical imaging equipment to diagnose injuries and diseases. Read more about becoming a radiology technician.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Jobs

Nuclear Medicine Technologists administer radioactive pharmaceuticals to patients and then monitoring the function of tissues and organs. Learn more about being a nuclear medicine technologist.

Medical MRI Technologist Jobs

This occupation involves using magnetic resonance imaging technology to diagnose patients’ internal injuries. Find out more about working as a MRI technician.

CT Technologist Jobs

This allied healthcare career uses computed tomography scans to diagnose injuries to the head, neck and spine. Read more about becoming a CT scan technician.

Ultrasound Technician Jobs

Ultrasound Technicians use medical ultrasonography equipment for the assessment of various medical conditions. Learn more about working as an ultrasound technologist.

Polysomnography Technologist Jobs

This occupation works with patients to diagnose and treat various sleeping disorders. Find out more about being a polysomnography technologist.

Cardiovascular Technologist Jobs

This career involves assisting doctors with diagnosing and treating cardiovascular ailments. Read more about becoming a cardiovascular technician.

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